6 crafty things I’ve learned this week

apparently this is going to look like that!



  1. Don’t interpret a pattern for a crochet project slightly more ambitious than a square when it is late, I am tired, I am not wearing my reading glasses and I’ve had a glass of wine.
  2. Unravelling a whole sodding week of work is faster with crochet than knitting.
  3. Re-doing last week’s work is a lot fucking slower than you think.
  4. Don’t take your craft work to your son’s cricket match in an attempt to get something to show for 3 hours of sitting in the freezing cold on camp chairs, whilst the wind is blowing, several hyper 9 year old boys are chucking cricket balls around very close to you, and the five year old is shoving shopkins toys in your face. This is not condusive to following the pattern correctly or relaxing in any way.
  5. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are a craft genius because you have completed a few projects, mainly blankets, hats or baby booties. You should not entertain ideas of setting yourself up on Etsy or Facebook as a crafter to sell these items. Bloody hell, you have just spent most of Saturday unravelling your work and trying to interpret the so-called ‘simple’ pattern which may as well be written in Swahili. Who did you think you were, dreaming of a stall at a craft fair and having people coo over your incredible handiwork, and making loads of money and covering your house in crocheted/knitted gorgeousness?
  6. This would not make anyone else in your family happy. Only you…

P.S. There was a lovely, heart lifting rainbow at one of the many cricket matches last week which admittedly meant that it rained, very heavily, but hey, every cloud and all that!


3 thoughts on “6 crafty things I’ve learned this week

  1. I feel the same about my Saturday-morning-tennis-is-it-really-2-hrs? It feels like SUCH a waste of time and people always coo at me… “oh but it must be lovely to have some one-to-one time with your younger one”. No it’s bloody not! It’s impossible to do anything but sit and watch (god forbid i miss a crucial “are you watching Mum” wave) and try to entertain the othermade one. This made me burst out laughing. Looking forward to the next installment….


    1. Thanks for reading it Mette! I’m still getting used to doing this. I have to say that I know nothing about cricket but being a dutiful mum am learning fast! Your blog is great by the way!


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